Family-owned, family-centered ABA

Our Approach

At Autism Outreach Southern California we offer a comprehensive approach to treatment with a focus on Verbal Behavior. We believe that empowering children with language fosters independence as well as social and behavioral growth. Specific components of our treatment plans include assessment and program development, 1:1 ABA/VB therapy, ongoing data analysis, behavior change programs, and parent training.

Assessment and Program Development

The initial assessment is the first step in developing a comprehensive treatment plan. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will meet with you and your child at your home to conduct an initial interview, review of records, observation, and direct assessment. During the assessment phase, the BCBA will identify areas of skill deficit in your child’s repertoire. Based on this information, the BCBA will develop individualized goals and objectives or learning targets in each of your child’s areas of need.

1:1 ABA/VB Therapy

During the initial stages of therapy, the Behavior Technician will get to know your child by engaging him or her in fun, playful activities. Once rapport is established the Behavior Technician will begin to introduce the learning tasks identified in his or her treatment plan. Tasks may be taught in a playful, natural manner, or in a more direct, repetitive manner based on your child’s learning needs. Interventions such as reward systems and visual supports may be used to facilitate skill acquisition during sessions. Our goal is for your child to have fun while learning!

Ongoing Data Analysis

During each therapy session the Behavior Technician will collect data on each target skill that was presented. A BCBA will review this data weekly to ensure that your child is making adequate progress toward meeting each goal. If adequate progress is not being made, the BCBA will make programming or teaching strategy adjustments to help your child make progress.

Behavior Change Programs

If your child engages in behavioral excesses that impact his or her ability to learn or participate in home, school, or community activities, a Behavior Intervention Plan will be developed. Initially, a BCBA will conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment, in which the function or “why” of the behavior is identified.

An individualized Behavior Intervention Plan will be developed; included in this plan will be detailed information about how to prevent the behavior from occurring, how to respond to the behavior when it does occur, and specific behavior to teach your child to do instead of the problem behavior.

Parent Training

Parent training is one of the most important components of our treatment plans. Meaningful and lasting behavior change occurs when a child experiences consistency across settings and people. Our BCBA’s and Behavior Technicians will teach you how to respond to your child’s behaviors, and how to teach him or her new behaviors using research-based ABA methodologies.